David Hubbard

As the owner of a family owned business, I have seen many changes throughout Ft. Bragg & Fayetteville over the years. Ft. Bragg has had a great impact on Fayetteville not only throughout the private sector, but business as well. We pride ourselves on the fact we serve not only the citizens of Fayetteville, but the military community as well. We have been fortunate to have been in business as long as we have, and I felt the need and honor to give back to the military families that have given so much, not only to this community, but to this country.


I grew up hunting and fishing in western Pennsylvania before entering the Air Force in 1996 at the age of 18 from Pittsburgh, PA.  I was initially an Avionics Guidance and Control Journeyman my first three years and then cross trained in to be a C-17A Loadmaster.  I was a Loadmaster for 18 of my 21 years in the AF and spent 15 years in special operations aviation.  My last 12 years of special ops service was spent right here at Pope AAF directly supporting SOF operations around the world.  I have been involved with Patriot Hunts since 2015 and it has given me the opportunity to continue supporting SOF warriors through the brotherhood of the outdoors.

Lee Tedrick

Lee Tedrick is a retired Master Sergeant who served 22 years as a Communications Sergeant, 18 years of his career here in the Ft Bragg community. Lee has deployed multiple times to both Iraq and Afghanistan in multiple roles, and retired in 2016 from 1st Special Forces Command. Lee grew up hunting and fishing between Missouri and Virginia.

Bob Lacey

Retired at Fort Bragg after serving 20yrs in the Army with two combat deployments. I enjoy spending my time with my wife and two girls and volunteering with Patriot Hunts. The ability to share and give back to my brothers and sisters who have served, and those that still serve and their families that support them continues to drive me.

Dean Holzinger

Husband and father of 2 beautiful girls. 3rd Generation Army Veteran 1990-1999. Owner of King Signs. PH Committee member for 5 years. Avid hunter and outdoorsman for over 40 years.


Bill Frank, SGM
USA Retired

31 years of active duty service as a Religious Affairs NCO. Assignments include JSOC, USASOC, 3rd SFG, 7th SFG, and 4th PSYOP Group.

Married to my wonderful wife Christy and we have 3 amazing kids, Eric, Nicholas, and Kaylee.


Patrick J. Henry retired SFC. USA

Served in the US Army 23 years 82ND Airborne and special operations. Been on numerous combat tours and missions across the globe. I love the outdoors, Hunting, fishing, feathers, fur, and scales, I fear no man but my creator God Himself. And I love my country and family more than myself. I’m backed and supported by a wonderful wife and 5 beautiful Daughters. I volunteer for patriot hunts. And will stay committed and loyal to support or mission and brothers and sisters. GOD BLESS AMERICA.