SGM Willie Lubbers-RIP 2012

Are you a Wounded Warrior who would like an outdoor experience with Patriot Hunts? Do you know a Wounded Warrior who would enjoy an outdoor experience with Patriot Hunts? Submit their information here.

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Patriot Hunts is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences for our Wounded Warriors. With all of us sportsman and patriots working together, we truly can make a difference in the life of a soldier who has chosen to lay his life at the altar of freedom on our behalf. These men and women have not only paid a physical and mental price, some have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man. The cost of freedom is not measured in dollars, and it is paid for by patriots in our armed forces, by their courage, their commitment, and their willingness to stand in harms way for this country.

Through your help, whether it be monetary means, or donating your time, or you or your hunt club wish to host some of these men and women at an event, we have the opportunity to serve those who choose to serve us.

Take the time to help give back to those soldiers who have sacrificed so much.

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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."