The Star Adventure is a program specifically designed to reconnect father’s & son’s after long deployments seperating the families. Patriot Hunts proudly partnered with the Special Operations Command here at Ft. Bragg working together with the Chaplin’s Command and their team to organize and implement a weekend for dad’s and son’s to spend quality time particiapting in events where it would take both to complete each of 9 stations at the Boy Scout Camp of America. Thanks to Doug Clevenger for donating his time, and a portion of the camp so we could house, and put together a “Race for Life” which tested not only the physical endurance of each participant, but their  mental aptitude also.

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Patriot Hunts sponsored a “Dinner & Movie” night for some Gold Star wives, and caregiver spouses of wounded warriors. We try very hard to provide outdoor experiences for our returning wounded soldiers, and our Gold Star kids. What seems to happen more often than not is the widows left behind, or the wives of our wounded that have to live with the fact that their husbands have been injured, and they are now serving in a different capacity as their caregivers. Over the years I have come to understand some of the hardships these ladies have to deal with daily, aside from the fact that they are forced to deal with the terrible loose of their spouses in some cases, but they suddenly realize they are the sole source of their families support financially, and emotionally, they no longer have a choice in this terrible hand they have been dealt. They not only have to come to terms with the loose of their spouse and the father of their children, but now their burden has suddenly grown by ten fold with the responsibilities of, the house, cars, lawn care, daycare, school, repairs, and the role of mom and dad. I personally do not know how they do all they do day in a and day out. Their resolve and strength is astonishing, and they deserve so much more than a night on the town. These ladies that again through no fault of their own, in an instant have become caregivers for their injured spouses are truly a different breed of warriors themselves. Again I cannot imagine the not knowing how bad their husbands have been hurt when they get the word until they can get to his location and seeing for themselves how bad his injuries are, it must be unbelievable. I am sure non of these ladies thought they had signed up for this, the roles of the caregivers is also something we really don’t think about, because a lot of these wives cannot handle the pressures of taking care of their husbands and everything that goes with that, and the marriage sadly does not survive. For those spouses that dig in and are determined to make it through this, we applaud you. They not only are determined to help get their husbands back on their feet, but they still have a family to take care of along with all the other responsibilities they have. Between making sure their husbands get to all their medical appointments, therapy, surgeries, monitoring medications, and life each and every day, I have no idea how they manage all of this and still manage to take care of the family. Pam Barnard of Patriot Hunts escorted these great ladies to the Orchid Garden, where Mary Meffert help organize the dinner for everyone. Special thanks to Cowboy Limo Service for giving us a great deal and taking care of all the ladies by taking them to the Cameo Theatre for a movie after dinner. Stories were shared, good and bad during the evening, but one thing was certain according to Pam was the strength and courage of all the ladies. They were all dealt a very bad and challenging hand in which they could either turn and walk away, or try and salvage some kind of normal life out of all the devastation that has come knocking at their doors. What a privilege it is to even know these ladies, but even more important is the trust they have placed with us and allowing Patriot Hunts to mentor and spend time with their kids in hopes of introducing them to some outdoor activities. Military wives in my opinion are different breed all together, and I mean that in a good way. They have so much responsibility put upon them during long deployments to start with, but then when tragedy like these ladies have known comes to their door, their resolve, their strength, their faith, everything they once believed in is put to the test, in which a number of them will not pass. I can tell you from experience that these ladies that came here tonight, did pass the test that was put before them, and continue each and every day to pull themselves out of bed, and try to do everything they can to live, and provide a normal life for their families despite the hardships that they face. This very brief moment that we were able to provide for just one night, for these ladies was just our way of saying, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for this country. We should never forget the sacrifices made by the spouses of our military, that sometimes seem to go unnoticed in the hustle of everything. Without the support of these fine ladies, these moms, these home front heroes, our soldiers could not do what they do, guard our shores from harm. So to all of our military we say thank you for serving, but a special thanks to the ladies behind the Berets, to those Gold Star wives who have also paid the ultimate sacrifice through a terrible loose, to the caregivers of our returning wounded warriors who’s lives changed in a instant without warning, we pay tribute and say thank you for all you do. Pam Barnard said it was truly an honor to spend the evening with these ladies, and we will continue to show our support by having events like this one. Thanks ladies for coming out. Ken & Pam



The Green Beret Challenge is an obstacle course that challenges not only your physical capabilities, but mental also. I was approached by Gold Star wife Amanda Rada, who lost her husband Jeff several years ago, he was attached to the 7th Group Special Forces here at Ft. Bragg at the time. She wanted to compete for several reasons, Jeff’s birthday was coming up, and she wanted to honor him by competing in this event and she loves this kind of challenge. So with a phone call to my good friend MSG. Johnny Crocker, a Special Forces instructor explaining this, he was all in, within a few days he not only had a team in place, but one of those wanting to be on the team was his wife Cara.

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We had the pleasure of taking (8) warriors on a 3 day pheasant hunt in Winner South Dakota thanks to a lot of great people. Thanks to Joe & Stacie Bolton for hosting this event, we were able meet Stephanie Hughes of Triple H Hunting, her girls and the Hughes family as they hosted a hunt on the ranch for these soldiers. They seemed very happy we brought these warriors out there and did everything to make this an awesome hunt which is was. They limited out in less than 3 hours at Triple H Hunting thanks to our guides and awesome dog work that day. After the hunt Deanna at Triple H prepared a lunch fit for a king, all types of soups and deserts! Way to much for a bunch like us.

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Patriot Hunts NE Turkey Hunt=2014

Check out this short video of our trip to beautiful O’Neill NE in April. We took (5) of our injured veterans on a 3 day awesome turkey hunt. I think the smiles on their faces tells the story. Thanks to Tim Cahoy, and so many others for the support. This is a annual event they host each year on behalf of Patriot Hunts, very thankful to all involved.  







To say this was a great trip would be an understatement. This was our first time traveling to Bayboro NC courtesy of the Coastal Carolina Delta Waterfowl Chapter. They contacted me several months ago about a trip to come out and bring some of our wounded veterans on a week long ducks hunt on exclusive private impoundments and properties. Never having been there, you never know what to expect, but I knew by talking and coordinating things with Steve regarding the hunt, I was dealing with some great folks wanting to give back for the right reasons. I was not to be disappointed let me tell you.

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This was our 3rd time traveling to Georgetown SC with 12 wounded warriors to duck hunt on beautiful private plantations with some truly great Americans. These guys come from all walks of life, but the one thing they all have in common is, they serve this nation proudly and absolutely love duck hunting and the great outdoors. Working with Brett Baker with DU National, Toby Avant the Georgetown DU Area Chairman, and of course Dan Ray the driving force and inspiration behind this event is always a pleasure.

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Well once again we traveled to O’Neill Nebraska courtesy of Ron & Eileen Schmit our host for a 3 day turkey hunt for (6) military veterans. To say this was another example of American pride, of Patriotism, and some really awesome people wanting to give back to those that defend this nation with a absolute resolve to complete their missions without regard to their own safety. Thanks to Tim Cahoy for organizing this amazing trip for these deserving warriors.

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Black Bear Hunt 2014

This was a first for Patriot Hunts. One of our good friends Steve with Coastal Carolina Delta Waterfowl called and invited us to bring a few veterans on a bear hunt in their area. Of course we were all excited to try this, I have spring bear hunted in Canada over bait but never behind hounds. We arrived at Oriental NC to meet some of the guys from Delta Waterfowl where we would be staying. I had an idea of what to expect but not nearly the thrilled we would all get. The great people from the Potash Corp in Aurora, especially John Prescott were the ones that graciously offered this hunt to some deserving veterans.

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Thanks again to Kyle Peacock and a lot of volunteers we were able to take 6 warriors from Ft. Bragg on another fantastic duck hunt at Lake Waccamaw on private property. Kyle Peacock is a Patriot and an advid duck hunter, so because the love of both ducking hunting and our military prompted him to contact me offering to host some warriors from Ft. Bragg to his property at Lake Waccamaw for some duck hunting. We arrived at 5:30 a:m and were greeted by Kyle and some great volunteers and hot coffee. It was clear and cold that morning and we were all excited to see what daylight would bring.

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Patriot Hunts is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences for our Wounded Warriors, and Gold Star children of fallen heroes. With all of us sportsman and Patriots working together, we truly can make a difference in the life of a soldier who has chosen to lay his life at the altar of freedom on our behalf. These men and women have not only paid a physical and mental price, some have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man. The cost of freedom is not measured in dollars, and it is paid for by patriots in our armed forces, by their courage, their commitment, and their willingness to stand in harms way for this country.

Stepping up and either volunteering or through your generous donations we can give back to the children of our fallen brothers, and help give them the guidance that their parent they have lost would have loved to be here to do. So it is with great pride and honor that we even have this opportunity and accept this challenge to reach out a helping hand.

The thought of a single Gold Star child being forgotten, and never having the opportunity to witness a sunrise from a duck blind, or hear a turkey gobble after flying down from the roost, or see a flock of geese fly over a deer stand while hunting, is just heartbreaking, so help us to make that dream come true for these deserving kids that have been devastated by lose, by donating.

Helping to empower Gold Star Children of fallen heroes through outdoor therapy. 

By supporting this effort, your giving so many deserving kids an opportunity to experience things through hunting & fishing they may have never been given the chance to.

Take the time to help give back to those soldiers who have sacrificed so much.


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