Thanks again to Kyle Peacock and a lot of volunteers we were able to take 6 warriors from Ft. Bragg on another fantastic duck hunt at Lake Waccamaw on private property. Kyle Peacock is a Patriot and an advid duck hunter, so because the love of both ducking hunting and our military prompted him to contact me offering to host some warriors from Ft. Bragg to his property at Lake Waccamaw for some duck hunting. We arrived at 5:30 a:m and were greeted by Kyle and some great volunteers and hot coffee. It was clear and cold that morning and we were all excited to see what daylight would bring.

Kyle said he had been seeing a good number of Teal and Wood Ducks in there the last several days. Well he was telling the truth, just before legal shooting time the skies filled with the sound of whisteling wings, ducks squeeling and diving in and out of our decoys they had set up. It really looked like bats swarming for mosquitoes there were so masny in the sky at once. Everyone was settled in and awaiting the green light to shoot, that call came and “Boom” the first shot’s rang out, soon after it sounded like a fire fight for a bit, guns blazing, ducks diving in and out, and the sound of laughter from our special guest’s that day, our military. They were like school boys giggling after each shot whether they hit or missed. Ducks slowed down some what, then slowly a volley would ring out with 2-4 ducks coming back in from blind to blind. The sun started slowly climbing from behind our blind, it felt good to get some sun on our faces, after breaking ice getting to our blinds in the dark earlier. Blue skies started to peak out, what a beautiful morning it was shaping up to be. We continued having a few ducks at a time come back in from time to time. We stayed out in the impoundments until around 10:00 a:m, then slowly started gathering our gear and heading to the bank. Our host came around picking up gear and soldiers from the blinds and headed back to the house where we knew there was a huge country breakfast waiting us. Considering we all have gotten up between 2-3:00 a:m, we were starving by then. man did they have some awesome food laaid out for us. We ate until we couldn’t hardly move. Once we were all full, I calle everyone in to formaly thank everyone for their generosity and help. We presented Patriot Hunts coins to Kyle and all the guides that had participated that day. We gave Kyle a Patriot Hunts plaques acknowledging his generosity, and compassion for our military, and thanking him once again for hosting this event. He made it clear that his was committeed to making this an annual event, and as long as he was around, this hunt would take place each year. That’s a true Patriot folks. After saying our good bye’s, we headed home laughing and sharing stories of the day all the way home. Another awesome event, provided by some great American’s wanting to say thank you to the soldiers that provide so much on behalf of this country.

This effort will not soon be forgotten.

Thanks Kyle..


Patriot Hunts is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences for our Wounded Warriors, and Gold Star children of fallen heroes. With all of us sportsman and Patriots working together, we truly can make a difference in the life of a soldier who has chosen to lay his life at the altar of freedom on our behalf. These men and women have not only paid a physical and mental price, some have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man. The cost of freedom is not measured in dollars, and it is paid for by patriots in our armed forces, by their courage, their commitment, and their willingness to stand in harms way for this country.

Stepping up and either volunteering or through your generous donations we can give back to the children of our fallen brothers, and help give them the guidance that their parent they have lost would have loved to be here to do. So it is with great pride and honor that we even have this opportunity and accept this challenge to reach out a helping hand.

The thought of a single Gold Star child being forgotten, and never having the opportunity to witness a sunrise from a duck blind, or hear a turkey gobble after flying down from the roost, or see a flock of geese fly over a deer stand while hunting, is just heartbreaking, so help us to make that dream come true for these deserving kids that have been devastated by lose, by donating.

Helping to empower Gold Star Children of fallen heroes through outdoor therapy. 

By supporting this effort, your giving so many deserving kids an opportunity to experience things through hunting & fishing they may have never been given the chance to.

Take the time to help give back to those soldiers who have sacrificed so much.

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