Gold Star & Military Youth Field Day-2010

Even the terrible weather that hit Fayetteville the night before,could not stop the families from coming out to have some fun. We hosted around 75 Gold Star, and military kids, moms, and dads for a day of fishing, 4 wheeling, archery, bb-gun shooting, and even a 100 foot zip line we set up. Our hearts go out to the families that were affected by these tornadoes that touched down, but I felt I had to go forward and have this event for those that were able and willing. As bad and as destructive as this storm was, there were still families out there that had suffered the lose of a loved one, and the desire to get in the outdoors and share this experience with their friends and neighbors, and give their kids some much needed therapy was overwhelming, so they came.These kids and their moms laughed and played all day under a blue bird sky, and the only sound sweeter than the birds singing that day, was the laughter that seemed to linger long after the day was done from these kids. What a treat it always is to host such wonderful people who truely appreciate the kindness shared by all. None of this would be possible without the help and donations from other Patriots that give of their time and resources. A special thanks to the (SOS) Survivor Outreach Services, the Gold Star Families, numerous (FRG) Family Readiness Group's, the Fort Bragg Officer Spouses' Association for donating all the food and beverages for this event, and my go to ladies, Mary, Wendy, Laura, Charlotte, Amy, and my wife Pam. All the Patriots that show up with 4 wheelers ready to go, setting up tables and tents, stringing fishing lines (BOB), keeping a watchful eye on all these kids making sure everyone stays safe, never complaining during all of this. My posse of go to guys that never waver throughout all these events, because they also understand the need to give back. Special thanks to M.L. Core for once again cooking for everyone, to A.J.,Kent,Dave,Larry,Jack,Eric,Stan, and Travis  I say thank you. We had the unique opportunity to give something back to some very deserving people, and we had fun doing it at the same time. So to all these military families that came out we wish to say thank you, for all your sacrifices, for all the sleepless nights the families are apart hoping and praying their loved ones are safe and not in harms way, lying awake at night dreaming of when dad will walk back in the door and embrace the family once again, because this American soldier had the fortitude and desire to serve this country, and believes so much in the ideals of freedom, that he or she will leave their families for months at a time, step in to harms way so that we as "Free Americans" can sleep peacefully in our beds at night. To those that gave all, in the name of "Freedom", we at Patriot Hunts will try and keep watch at home over these Gold Star Families.

This is a honorable debt which we owe, and will gladly pay...


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