Well once again we traveled to Bolton Ranch in Colome South Dakota to take 2 deserving soldiers on a turkey hunt courtesy of Bolton Ranch, Country Pride Coop, Larry, Travis, Dan, Cheryl & Cam Doughtery, Kaye Bolton for feeding all of us, Stacie and Joe Bolton for putting this on and as always for all they do for these soldiers, Steph, Morgan, all the land owners in SD and NE that donated property for us to hunt and insure these soldiers got on the turkeys.

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Just one look at these photos tells you what kind of day these kids and all our military families had. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these pictures should be a novel. I cannot begin to tell you what an awesome day this was, from our meet and greet at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in downtown Fayetteville. The weather was great, and sunshine and smiles were all around for everyone. To be able to give back and spend time with Gold Star, active duty, and wounded warriors is a privilege and honor I don’t take lightly. They just want to do their jobs and go home, sometimes it doesn’t work that way. I feel a moral obligation to our military and their families to give back and pay a debt of “Honor” for their sacrifices that I feel we owe as American’s for all they have given us and this country.

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This was my first time heading to Nebraska to turkey hunt or anything else. Little did we know when we left ft. Bragg North Carolina with 75 degree temps, we would be running in to freezing and snowy weather. We arrived without incident in a snow storm. The roads heading in were dangerous to say the least, and at times I wasn’t sure we would make it. When we finally made it to our destination at the ranch myself and 5 other soldiers were staying for the next 3 days, as always we were greeted with big smiles and a warm welcome.

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I had the unique pleasure of traveling to Clarksville TN this weekend to spend some time with some really grateful Americans, but some avid bow hunters. I went there in May to the classic where they teach sportsman how to make their own bows from scratch. It is an amazing process that this club takes very seriously. This club is nestled in the foothills of TN with it’s own little community hidden off the main road. They make everything from their own arrows, to the string, the bow, arrow heads, fletching for the arrows, start to finished product! I guess they liked the idea of what Patriot Hunts does and our mission because they decided to hold their annual charity shoot in our honor.

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Out of all the events we try to provide for our soldiers, our wounded and active duty families, I truly think this one tugs at more hearts, creates more volunteers and more compassion than all the rest. To be able to provide a day of outdoor fun for our Gold Star kids and their families, our children of deployed soldiers, our caregivers of our wounded is a privaledge and honor. For these families to trust us enough to put the well being of their kids in our hands is a testament to the honor and integrity we strive to maintain at each and every event.

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Let me start by giving a big shout out to Maj. Kent Solheim, & Col. Kevin McDonnell of the Care Coalition for helping bring some young Gold Star boys in from the Virginia area for a combination deer & pheasant hunt. We spent Friday teaching these boys how to shoot and safely handle, pistols, shotguns, and rifles for the nights hunt. Thanks to Stan Millwood for taking off work to help mentor these boys also. These kids did great, they could not only shoot all the weapons we brought, they listened and were very safe also in handling them. They had a blast that day, and we even had time to do some 4 wheeling before heading to a deer stand.

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This was another exceptional trip to say the least. There were so many hands involved in this hunt, it will be hard to acknowledge them all. First and foremost, a huge shout out to Triple H Hunting for hosting this hunt for 6 wounded warriors. My good friend Larry Ziegler took over the planning along with Stephanie Hughes of Triple H to make this happen.

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Once again the sun shined down on a great event today. After getting rained out Saturday, my spirits took a beating let me say. I cancelled the event Saturday and sent the families that showed up at the Airborne Museum home with my regrets. Little did I know they would return in force Sunday afternoon under beautiful blue skies to have some fun.

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After a deer hunt in the fall of 2010 at the Bolton Ranch, I recieved a phone call from Joe Bolton in the spring of 2011 inviting us to bring 2 wounded warriors on a turkey hunt at his ranch. We really seemed to hit it off on the deer hunt, and after talkng with Joe about Patriot Hunts, and what exactly we do, I could see he was really interested in the organization and our mission of providing outdoor experiences for our wounded warriors. I knew that Joe & Stacie Bolton were hard working great American’s, I just did not realize how dedicated they were to pulling this off.

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To describe this day as a success would be an understatement. The weather the night before our event was terrible and the forecast for this Saturday was also not good, but for some reason when we awoke this morning, it was a bluebird Carolina day! As we gathered at the Airborne Museum in downtown Fayetteville I wondered how many would come out once again for this day of fishing we had planned for our Gold Star families. It wasn’t until we finally got out on HWY 87 South headed to our destination that I realized there were so many vehicles following me, as far as I could see.

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Patriot Hunts is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences for our Wounded Warriors, and Gold Star children of fallen heroes. With all of us sportsman and Patriots working together, we truly can make a difference in the life of a soldier who has chosen to lay his life at the altar of freedom on our behalf. These men and women have not only paid a physical and mental price, some have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man. The cost of freedom is not measured in dollars, and it is paid for by patriots in our armed forces, by their courage, their commitment, and their willingness to stand in harms way for this country.

Stepping up and either volunteering or through your generous donations we can give back to the children of our fallen brothers, and help give them the guidance that their parent they have lost would have loved to be here to do. So it is with great pride and honor that we even have this opportunity and accept this challenge to reach out a helping hand.

The thought of a single Gold Star child being forgotten, and never having the opportunity to witness a sunrise from a duck blind, or hear a turkey gobble after flying down from the roost, or see a flock of geese fly over a deer stand while hunting, is just heartbreaking, so help us to make that dream come true for these deserving kids that have been devastated by lose, by donating.

Helping to empower Gold Star Children of fallen heroes through outdoor therapy. 

By supporting this effort, your giving so many deserving kids an opportunity to experience things through hunting & fishing they may have never been given the chance to.

Take the time to help give back to those soldiers who have sacrificed so much.


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