Hunting With Heroes Tribute-2016

IMG_0153Once again thanks to some great guys with the Coastal Carolina Delta Waterfowl Chapter in Bayboro NC, they choose Patriot Hunts once again to bring (5) of our warrior veterans on a duck hunt at the North Carolina coast. This is our 3rd year partnering with this group for some really awesome waterfowl hunting. They invite us each year to bring some quality veterans out to the coast for a chance to hunt ducks in areas that would probably not be available to these guys normally. We try to time it out to attend their annual banquet but this year we had conflicting schedules, but we did make the hunt. This group takes the time to launch the boats, put out decoys, haul the guys to the blinds and make sure we have accommodations, and some good fellowship. It has become more than just a duck hunting trip, it has become as so many other venues have, spending time with friends which makes a huge difference. The many places and many face we have seen over the years continues to grow with each trip, once supporters have the opportunity to spend time with these veterans it seems they are hooked, they want to do more and more which is the way it should be. The coast of NC is a great place to visit, hunt, and especially when you have such good friends awaiting to meet you like we do in Bayboro. Huge shout out to all the committee there, and a special thanks to Christopher, Robbie, Chris, and Dustin for taking time to make this happen.          


Wyoming Goose Hunt-2016

Thanks to our Casper Wyoming Chapter and their contacts we were able to send (2) warrior veterans to Wheatland Wyoming on an awesome goose hunt. Thanks to many hands involved, Dean Hedrick, Nate baxter committee members, and host Jerimiah Lovelace, & Dalton Minsaas for devoting time and energy for 3 days in order to get these guys on geese. We flew these veterans in to Denver CO, then they headed to Wheatland WY to meet up with Nate and our host. These guys were so gracious and hospitable with guiding, cooking, and retrieving the downed birds.  Not only were our veterans excited but our host were so happy to be a part of this event. I can tell you this is the beginning of a great relationship with many hunts to come. Nate baxter presented Jeremiah Lovelace with a custom plaque showing our appreciation for all the hard work and hosting these veterans.  As with any hunt we provide, the brotherhood and camaraderie were infectious for all, as the veterans shared their stories and careers with all. I look forward to heading back to WY and buidling even stronger friendships over the years.

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Georgetown Waterfowl Warrior Hunt-2016

Once again we had the pleasure of escorting (6) of our veteran warriors to Georgetown SC for a day of unbelievable duck hunting. Thanks to Dan Ray, owner of Annandale Plantation, and The Mingo Plantation for hosting these veterans. We met at The Big Tuna for dinner and drinks thanks to Bucky and his lovely wife. We split the guys up between Mingo and Annandale for tomorrows hunt. The weather was cloudy, rainy and overcast, but to our surprise we were treated to a light snow which was beautiful to hunt in. Thanks to members of the Georgetown Ducks Unlimited Chapter, volunteers and landowners, everyone limited out that morning. After the hunt and photos, we all went to Annandale for a duck gumbo lunch prepared by Mr. Bill, the plantation manager which was delicious. After reminising about the morning hunt, we presented encased flags and a custom Heritage Flag engraved with our logo which we presented to Dan Ray for his unwavering support of Patriot Hunts and our veterans. The relationship between Georgetown Ducks Unlimited and Patriot Hunts goes back 5 years, and their support of our veterans goes deep. What a pleasure it is to travel down south each and every year in anticipation of some great hunting and great friendships.

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Wyoming Gold Star/Wounded Warrior Deer Hunt-2015

Well once again I am amazed by the generosity and big hearts of people across this country. Thanks to so many people behind the scenes, such as Mike Schmid (Landowner), Dean Hedrick (Mountain West Regional Director-Patriot Hunts), Nate Baxter (Volunteer/committee member PH), The entire Hedrick family for their support, (Pat’s Meats in Casper),  donors and the Jim Hedrick Memorial Fund that made this happen. We took 2 young hunters, Gold Star brothers, Devin & Brady from North Carolina, that lost their dad in this war on terrorism, Brian Dennis, injured veteran from Casper WY, and Nate Baxter that not only met and picked us up in Rapid City, but also mentored the boys by helping guide 1 of the brothers while I took the other one. We hunted and stayed on the beautiful Solitude Ranch near Devils Tower Wyoming owned by Mike Schmid. It is 8500 acres of prime deer and turkey habitat, we saw hundreds of both game throughout the hunt. The very first evening brought success for Brian and Devin, they both harvested a doe each. It was cold and windy, 19 degrees and 30-40 mile per hour winds didn’t help, but the game was still there. The next day younger brother Brady connected and a really nice doe also, I had an extra tag so I took Devin once again, it was snowing hard but game was everywhere, it was beautiful to say the least, after watching deer for about an hour I wanted to see just how good Devin could shoot. So I ranged a doe at 225 yards in blowing snow, so I got him on the shooting sticks and talked hi through it slowly, reminding him to breathe and squeeze, finally the right angle presented itself and he squeezed off the 7MM and bam, she hit the ground like a stone, done deal, great shooting Devin. That was number 4 down, well Brian had headed back out with Mike as the guide and he connected also on another deer, so (5) down hanging on the rack, thats success! Even with the harvest being a big success, to me the bigger story was sharing a blind with these kids that had lost their father, knowing full well it should have been their dad Keith in the blind teaching these boys hunting techniques, but sadly it wasn’t to be, so we have the task and privilege to fill in as best as we can. So that’s exactly what we did, and it was all inspiring let me say, I can’t explain what that feels like to be there in that moment in time with these kids and Brian, knowing what our role is, providing outdoor adventures to very deserving families that may have not had this opportunity if not for Patriot Hunts. We are truly the better for having been a part of this trip, I know I am. It is life changing knowing you are touching lives in a way you hadn’t counted on. Great trip, great people, thank you all that played a hand in this awesome trip..


When Kyle Peacock contacted me about taking some soldiers duck hunting I was excited to say the least. We had been talking about trying to do some more waterfowling this coming year through Patriot Hunts. During our several converstaions by telephone I could tell Kyle was very excited and passionate about wanting to provide this hunt for these warriors. I already knew the caliber of person Kyle was just by the fact of his generous offer to help.

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The past weekend was spent with two lovely ladies, both former members of Ft Bragg’s Wounded Warrior Battalion, on a feral hog hunt in nearby Johnston County. One was recently medically retired and now works as a DA civilian and the other has been returned to duty with a regular unit. Both suffer the lingering effects of their injuries.  I met them both through my volunteer work with the NCWRC Pechmann Fishing Education Center. We hit it off and I suggested they might want to expand their outdoor activities to include hunting.

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Lays Lake Hunting Club hosted it’s first “Wounded Warrior” hog hunt on March 25-26 recently. Thanks to the effots and leadership of Brian Molaschi, and the entire Lays Lake Hunting Club for approaching us with this wonderful offer to take these wounded veterans on this fantastic hog hunting adventure. I personally have hunted my whole life and have never experienced something as intense as this!

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A big thanks to Dick Gardner of Ten Point Cross Bows for traveling all the way from Ohio and supplying Ten Point Cross Bows and all the equipment needed to provide a deer hunt for 11 wounded warriors from Fort Bragg, NC. We all met Friday Sept. 30th at private property in Stedman for target practice and getting aquainted with each other. We spent several hours learning the workings of the crossbows, to include safety procedures and firing the bows.

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Well we got another hunt under our belts. I had the privaledge of taking 6 wounded warriors, thanks to some great folks in Hyde County this past week for a bear/deer hunt. The bear didn’t move as well as expected, but it really didn’t matter with these guys. I have never laughed so much fo a while with these guys. The personalities of all seemed to mix very well throughout the hunt, it did not matter what company or Battalion these guys were with, they were all soldiers and outdoorsman, so they all had that in common for starters.

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Cumberland Farms Waterfowl Hunt. What an event this turned out to be this past weekend! I had the pleasure of escorting 4 of our Special Operations soldiers as guest of Cumberland Farms on a awesome duck hunt, which also turned into a successful deer hunt. Thanks to Patriots like Nick Marinelli, Steve Marinelli, John Marinelli, Steve Diab, Jackson Diab, Eric lazzari, and “Boots” the farm cat. Nick contacted me about a month ago wishing to take some soldiers on this hunt, but little did I know it would turn out to be the best duck hunt I’ve ever seen.

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Patriot Hunts is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences for our Wounded Warriors, and Gold Star children of fallen heroes. With all of us sportsman and Patriots working together, we truly can make a difference in the life of a soldier who has chosen to lay his life at the altar of freedom on our behalf. These men and women have not only paid a physical and mental price, some have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man. The cost of freedom is not measured in dollars, and it is paid for by patriots in our armed forces, by their courage, their commitment, and their willingness to stand in harms way for this country.

Stepping up and either volunteering or through your generous donations we can give back to the children of our fallen brothers, and help give them the guidance that their parent they have lost would have loved to be here to do. So it is with great pride and honor that we even have this opportunity and accept this challenge to reach out a helping hand.

The thought of a single Gold Star child being forgotten, and never having the opportunity to witness a sunrise from a duck blind, or hear a turkey gobble after flying down from the roost, or see a flock of geese fly over a deer stand while hunting, is just heartbreaking, so help us to make that dream come true for these deserving kids that have been devastated by lose, by donating.

Helping to empower Gold Star Children of fallen heroes through outdoor therapy. 

By supporting this effort, your giving so many deserving kids an opportunity to experience things through hunting & fishing they may have never been given the chance to.

Take the time to help give back to those soldiers who have sacrificed so much.


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